Best Inflatable Dog Collars

Uh oh. Your dog landed himself in the dreaded “cone of shame” and you have to keep him from licking. They might have an injury or a bad habit, like chewing on their paws. Or maybe it’s not their fault at all – dogs that just had their spay or neuter surgery need to keep the incision site clean and dry. No licking!

The plastic cone e-collar that prevents dogs from licking the rest of their body does the job, but dogs tend to hate it. The cones can also make it harder to reach food and water bowls and sometimes catch on the carpet as your pet walks around.

Some dogs will act depressed or like the cone is a form of punishment. 

That’s where an inflatable collar can come in.

What are inflatable dog collars?

Inflatable collars are a good option to take a temporary break from the more restrictive plastic surgical cones. 

They will still inhibit a dog’s ability to reach sensitive spots you need them not to lick. By bulking up their neck, the collars reduce the range a dog can reach with their mouth. 

These collars are softer and inflate much like a beach ball or pool floatie. Unlike the plastic e-collars or “cone of shame” these are not as easily adjustable. A velcro strap will accommodate some difference in neck sizes, but be sure to measure and select the right version for your dog’s neck since there won’t be a “trim to fit” option like you’ll find on e-collars to help you adjust them.

Why should you use an inflatable dog collar?

The downside of these collars is that they are not foolproof. Because they are softer and more shallow, if your dog is determined she will probably be able to contort herself enough to reach that itchy spot to lick or chew on. Front paws are the most accessible in these collars, so keep that in mind. 

So why use an inflatable collar? Once you’ve seen a dog get down about the plastic cones you’ll get it. The inflatable collar is a little less restrictive to your dog’s natural movements and a bit more comfortable. 

As long as you’re able to supervise your pet in the inflatable collar, your dog will probably appreciate the break from the stiff and prohibitive plastic cone, even if it’s temporary.

A few of the best inflatable dog collars

BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar

This best-selling inflatable collar from Amazon comes in 5 sizes and in colors blue and gray. This collar is soft and washable while also being scratch and bit resistant

Well & Good Inflatable Collar for Dogs and Cats

This is another good, durable option available in a range of sizes. Reviews echo our note that some dogs find it too easy to reach their head around inflatable collars, so always be sure to supervise your pet while using these.

VITAL-FRI Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs and Cats

This collar gets all its points for style. Designed to look like a frosted sprinkle doughnut, this one will put a smile on your face even if your dog is still bummed out by his cone and collar time.

John Lowery

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