Does a Bark Collar Work For Whining?

Barking or whining dog on a dog bone background

There are two main types of bark collar available: electric bark collars and citronella bark collars. In this article, we look at both types of bark collar and find out whether they work for whining and barking. Let’s start with electric bark collars, then move on to citronella bark collars next. Electric Bark Collars Electric …

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How Many Volts in a Dog Shock Collar?

Electric shock dog collar

The number of volts used by different types of dog shock collar varies considerably. However, many types of dog shock collar deliver electric shocks in the thousands of volts – possibly up to 6000 volts. At Dogtelligent, we believe dog shock collars are cruel and do not recommend their use. Regardless of the voltage, all …

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Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars

Rolled Leather Dog Collar on a dog bone background

A collar is a vital accessory that every dog owner needs. Without a collar, it can be difficult to identify your dog in case it gets lost. You may also be unable to take your furry friend for a walk without a collar. There are different types of dog collars in the market including flat …

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