Can Dogs Sense Evil?

While all humans know that good and evil are two opposites, for some people it can be difficult to tell the exact difference between the two.

Animals appear to have an inbuilt sense for what is good and what is evil but can dogs know when someone does not have good intentions? Can they sense evil?

In this article, we explore the signs that your dog can sense evil, and the real science behind this behavior.

Real Signs That A Dog Senses Good And Evil 

Understanding your dog can be difficult at the best of times. You need to make sure that you observe your furry friend carefully, and pick up on little cues.

There are a few different ways to tell that your dog senses that something isn’t right. 

The majority of dogs know when people use a certain body language or tone of voice, then this could pose a threat.

When your dog spots any of these signs in a person, then his behavior will vary depending on what the dog senses, and the dog’s previous experience with this human behavior.

A lot of the dog’s response will depend also on his own personality as well as his temperament. 

When your dog senses something pleasant and good, then you will spot the signs straightaway, for example, wagging his tail, jumping up excitedly or running around playing.

The signs when a dog senses positive intentions in a positive usually indicate that the dog wants to interact with the person. 

On the other hand, when a dog senses evil, he will try to retreat or prepare for attack. This can show in the dog snarling, growling, showing his teeth or cowering.

These negative signs show that your dog is defensive, nervous and frightened. 

The real signs that your dog senses good or bad intentions in a person or a situation, shows in the dog’s body language.

In order for dog owners to find out whether their dog is sensing a negative or positive atmosphere, they just need to look at the dog’s behavior and body language.

If he is friendly and playful, then your dog is relaxed and feels the good vibes. Whereas when your dog is hiding or growling, then he senses an evil threat.

Why Can Dogs Sense Good And Evil?

There has been a large amount of canine research in the past years, and scientists continue to learn more about a dog’s behavior and senses every day.

This is how we learned that dogs use their sense of hearing and smell for picking up so many more things than humans. 

But it isn’t just the daily physical sensing that makes dogs so unique. Similar to humans, dogs also have a strong sense for things like emotions, illness and evilness or goodness.

Just like us when we meet a person for the first time, a dog can spot instinctively when a stranger has good or bad intentions towards them or their owner.

And it appears, even when someone pretends to be good, dogs can still sense their true intentions beyond the act.

But how exactly do dogs do this? Dogs are very much in tune with their senses and they can read a person’s behavior, tone of voice and body language much better than we do.

This allows a dog to pick up on the little cues and signs that a person displays when they have positive or negative intentions.

Most people would struggle with this but your dog can easily see through any pretense. 

Some owners may interpret this as a kind of sixth sense but scientists put this down under the dog’s incredible abilities of observation.

He can distinguish between the different types of body language in a person with good or evil plans.

Although this isn’t something people can spot so easily, a dog uses his raw senses and instincts to ensure that he and his owner are safe.

How To Train Your Dog To Sense Good And Evil 

Have you ever spent some time observing your dog with strangers? And have you noticed that he behaves differently with each person?

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One of the best ways to find out whether your dog senses good or evil is to try a couple of different experiments.

Try to find a few people who you know are good and some people who are not particularly good. 

Allow your dog go near these two types of people and observe your dog’s body language carefully. Does he jump up playfully? Or does he try to hide somewhere?

Make a note of this behavior with each of the people and monitor his reactions. 

It’s also good to remember that your furry friend may spot someone evil who you believed to be a good person, so keep this in mind when you watch your pooch.

Try monitoring your dog’s behavior over a longer period of time. This will give you and your dog plenty of different situations to assess good and bad behavior.

You may also find yourself surprised how quickly your dog can pick up real intention’s of a person. This applies to people your dog knows but also strangers who he just met.

One of the biggest advantages that dogs have over people is their senses. These senses are active all the time, and they don’t have to wait for an evil person to show their true face.

Dogs know instantly that they dislike someone because they are a threat. 

This great sensing ability makes them not just great companions for vulnerable people, but also excellent sniffer dogs and police dogs.


Your dog is very much in tune with his instinct and senses. This is the reason why he can sense good and evil in a person or another animal.

A dog uses his fine senses of smell and hearing to read someone’s body language. This makes them an excellent judge of character.

As a dog owner, you can make use of this by observing your dog’s body language. He knows whether a person is good or evil much quicker than you do.

John Lowery

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