Best LED Dog Collars

You’ve got a lot of choices for dog collars, with many styles designed to help with different training challenges or dog sizes and behaviors. 

LED dog collars are one option that can help make your job of keeping your dog safe a little easier, particularly at night. 

What are LED dog collars?

An LED dog collar is a lighted collar that helps make your dog more visible in the dark. Maybe you’re able to let them off their leash and you need to be able to spot where they run off to. Or maybe you need that extra visibility if you’re walking along a dark road. 

Whatever your situation, LED dog collars can make your late night walks easier and safer.

How do LED dog collars work?

LED dog collars are a lot like a normal dog collar, with added LED bulbs powered by an attached battery pack. These batteries are typically rechargeable and have a runtime of several hours. 

They come in a variety of colors for the lights, as well as materials for the collar itself. Some versions will include an option for flashing lights, which will increase the visibility, particularly in busier or more trafficked areas.

You can use these as your main collar and attach your leash and dog’s tags to it, or you can use just at night it in addition to a normal collar your dog has on during the day.

Are LED dog collars safe?

Yes, LED collars are generally safe. As with any collar, you will want to make sure it is properly sized so that the collar stays around your dog’s neck without being too tight. This will also help prevent your dog from being able to chew on the collar, which would be a concern because of the lights and battery pack.

Additionally, LED lights do not emit a lot of heat, so using a lighted collar with LED lights ensure your dog’s collar stays cool and safe. 

Two of the best LED dog collars

ILLUMISEEN LED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable

The ILLUMISEEN LED dog collar is highly rated by pet owners. With six colors and six available sizes, you’re sure to find one that suits your style. This collar uses a comfortable nylon strap and the battery lasts for five hours, taking an hour to fully charge. 

Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar

The Blazin’ Safety LED dog collar gives you a little more battery life and boasts a visibility of 350 yards. This collar also comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and offers a steady, strobe, and blink mode for the lights so you can choose a setting that makes your dog visible in any situation. 

Do I need a waterproof LED dog collar?

You may not need a waterproof LED dog collar, but you might want one! Since LED dog collars are powered by a battery, waterproof collars are a great option for anyone who has a dog who loves to go for a plunge in a pool, lake or river. 

A waterproof option will let your dog dunk the collar without compromising its function or effectiveness. 

Here’s our choice for best Waterproof LED Dog Collar:

MASBRILL Light Up Waterproof Dog Collar

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