12 Best Dog Beds for Puppies & Dogs

This review is for you if you’re looking for a soothing bed for your pooch. Here we review 12 of the best dog beds on the market so that you can make an informed decision on the bed for your pup.

Sheri, the Original Calming Bed

This beautiful bed is made by keeping your puppy’s comfort in mind. Sheri doughnut-shaped dog beds come in a variety of colors and are machine-washable (bed and blanket). In addition:


·      Four different sizes are available these sizes are small, medium, large, and extra-large

·      This bed is made of high-quality polyester fiber

·      Available with blanket or with bed only

·      Sheri’s cozy, calming bed provides a soft touch to your dog, and the fluffy shape of this bed does not lose its shape

·      Sheri’s cozy, calming bed is in a doughnut shape, and the sides have more filling than the middle so that your dog can have the snuggling effect

·      This bed is easy to carry as it is very lightweight

·      This calming and cozy bed is machine washable. You can wash this bed in a machine when it needs to be cleaned, but don’t forget to read the instructions


·      If your dog loves soft beds and surfaces, this is the perfect bed for your dog because of its softness

·      It has a water and dirt resistance base

·      It is made keeping the dog’s joints in mind and helps calm the joints of your lovely dog so that they enjoy a comfortable bedtime


·      Some people who have used this bed are not happy with the doughnut shape, and they think the less padding in the middle does not support their dog’s liking

·      It is machine washable, but washing it repeatedly can cause its shape to deteriorate over time

Pet Deluxe Orthopedic Dog Bed

Pet deluxe makes this dog bed with high-quality material, side bolsters, and super warm plush. This is a good bed for your pup or dog if you live in a cold area. This is also a good option for older dogs.


·      You can get this bed in three sizes according to your dog’s size

·      The shape of this bed provides a cushion to the sides for extra support for your puppy

·      You can remove the cover of the deluxe pet bed quickly, and it is machine washable you can wash it gently and throw it in the dryer to get your dog’s bed smelling lively and clean.


·      The cover is easy to detach and wash, plus the material is very gentle

·      The Pet Deluxe bed is an orthopedic dog bed, and it provides support to the bones of your puppy


·      This bed is only available in a grey color

·      According to some people’s reviews, the covers look low quality in sewing after washing

FurHaven Cozy Anti-Anxiety Pet Bed

Furhaven makes two styles of anti-anxiety dog beds so that you can choose the bed of your pup’s liking.

Wraparound Hug Bed

This donut cuddler is for the puppies who like to sleep (see also ‘Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You?‘) feeling hugged.

Self-Warming Cuddle Bed

This bed has less wrapping around the main bed, and it is more comfortable for the dogs in hot areas.


·      Two sizes are available: Small and Medium.

·      Many color options are Blue, charcoal, grey, brown, and cream colors available in a self-warming cuddle bed. 

·      Three colors are available in a wraparound hug bed Minky and velvet silver grey, Minky and velvet aquamarine, and soft velvet pink.

·      Non-slipping

·      Hand washable or can be washed in front load machine


·      This bed has a beautiful design of wraparound hug bed 

·      The surface of the bed (sleap area) is made of very soft fur

·      It is non-slipping 

·      Washable 

·      Warranty of 90 days


·      It is not for old dogs who are less flexible, as they may be uncomfortable. 

FurHaven Cooling Bed

FurHaven also makes this very versatile bed for dogs, as it is available with cooling gel, memory form, and orthopedic option (among others). This bed is made of material that helps soothe your dog’s joints. If your dog has an arthritis problem (see also ‘7 best supplements for dog joint health and arthritis‘) or has trouble getting comfy, this may be the best dog bed for you (although this should apply less to puppies). This is a good bed option both for large dogs and for older dogs.


·      Material is polyester

·      Many size options are available small, medium, large, jumbo, and jumbo plus.  

·      Available in colors plush and suede grey, espresso, deep pool, clay, and almondie.

·      Filling options are also available memory foam, Cooling gel, and orthopedic foam. 


·      Machine washable cover with color options

·      Orthopedic foam is gentle on joints and helps reduce the pain

·      Memory foam also provides the support for muscles and does not loses its shape easily

·      Side cushions provide a pillow effect

·      The cooling gel can help rotate the hot air of the mattress in hot weather


·      Your puppy can destroy this dog bed by chewing, and it is not as suitable for puppies that have a habit of biting. 

FurHaven L-Shaped Bed

This L-shaped bed from FurHaven is for the dog or pup that need less cushioning on their beds. Teething puppies often have a habit of chewing, and the fabric of this bed is chew-proof so that it won’t tear by the chewing.


·      Eight color options are available: faux fur and deep velvet sapphire, two-tone espresso, faux fur and velvet merlot red, faux fur and velvet platinum grey, Brown, two-tone dark sage, two-tone marine blue, and two-tone stone grey

·      Many size options are available including small, medium, large, jumbo, and jumbo plus

·      Foam options are memory foam, cooling gel foam, and orthopedic foam

·      The cover is machine washable


·      Washable

·      Chew proof

·      Cooling gel helps keep your dog cool

·      The orthopedic foam helps in joint health

·      Bolster provides a pillow


·      No cons have been reported

FurHaven Lounger Bed

This ‘ultra-plush’ lounger bed from FurHaven might be the best choice for older dogs or for those with joint problems. You can get this in different colors and mattress types according to your preference.


·      The available colors are ultra-plush grey, micro velvet clay, micro velvet grey, Minky camel, espresso, ultra-plush cream, and ultra-plush chocolate

·      Offers orthopedic support for joints

·      Sizes available in this bed are small, medium, large, jumbo, jumbo plus, and giant

·      Washable cover


·      Very trendy design

·      Machine washable cover

·      You can get a cooling foam option if you want to keep your pet cool in hot summer weather


·      Probably not the best choice for pups who are teething or chewing

Sealy Lux Bed

This stylish Sealy lux bed offers different kinds of foams and a special gel that absorbs smell for your dog’s cozy resting.


·      Orthopedic foam for joints

·      Machine washable

·      Odor absorbing

·      Beautiful navy color


·      It helps to control smell (good for you and your dog!)

·      Easy to wash

·      Orthopedic foam can help reduce joint pain


·      Only one color is available

·      Some users think it has less padding in the pillow

Kroser Bed

This bed is made of high-quality foam with sides to support your dog or puppy. It has two linings under the cover – one is waterproof and the other is an absorbing lining that helps make the mattress more durable.


·      Reversible mattress with a cooling effect on one side and self-warming impact on other

·      Five sizes available: small, medium, large, XL, and XXL

·      Water-absorbing cover

·      Waterproof lining in the mattress

·      The bed cover is machine washable


·      The two sides of the mattress offer different qualities for hot and cold weather 

·      Water-resistant lining

·      Machine washable covering


·      Only one color is available

·      No additional cover is provided, just the mattress

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

PetFusion makes the bed with a three-year warranty and provides a breathable dog bed for the comfort your dog or puppy needs. 


·      Three color options are available slate grey, chocolate brown, sandstone with plush

·      Sizes available are small, large, X-large, and XXL

·      Easy to clean as the cover can be zipped off and cleaned


·      Easy to clean 

·      A waterproof sheet inside protects the filling

·      Cozy bed for large dogs and puppies

·      Cotton blended fabric is used, which makes It skin-friendly 

·      36 Month warranty

·      Modern design


·      Some people question just how waterproof the provided sheet is 

·      The zipper has fallen off in some cases

Joyelf Bed

This large ‘sofa bed’ from Joyelf has many great features along with over 15,000 reviews


·      Five sizes are available: small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large

·      The removable cover is machine washable

·      Made of solid memory foam 

·      Made of very comfortable fabric

·      Non-slipping


·      It is made from foam that is very calming for a bed

·      Non-slippery 

·      Machine washable cover

·      Waterproof

·      The cover is tear-resistant

·      Joint relief technology


·      Only one color is available

Big Barker Bed

For your big-sized dog, Big barker has this fantastic bed. It is made especially for big-sized dogs in four colors and fine material.


·      It is available in four colors: chocolate, khaki, charcoal grey, and burgundy

·      Therapeutic foam is used in this bed, which reduces pain in the joints

·      Three sizes are available large, X-large, and giant

·      Machine washable

·      10-year warranty 

·      It is a hand-made bed 


·      Orthopedic foam provides support to bones and joints and won’t lose its shape easily

·      You can easily wash it

·      It is made just according to the need of big-sized dogs 

·      A one-sided bolster provides the pillow effect


·      Less modern looking

Laifug Bed

Laifug makes a dog bed using high-quality material to provide maximum comfort for your furry friend. Its cover is made of microfiber and provides a soft feel when touched.


·      Available in three sizes medium, large, and jumbo

·      Six color options are stale grey, black and white plaid, blue, dark green, yellow coffee, and chocolate

·      Removable and washable cover

·      Waterproof covering 


·      The double pillow’s innovative design looks modern

·      Waterproof and washable cover with a very soft touch

·      Orthopedic foam provides support to the bones and joints


·      No complaints have been seen so far

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